As of August 1st this site is now owned by Alex from AndroidFileHost. To make this transition smooth and seamless I have setup redirects to point directly to the file or folder you are trying to access. This page is only to make the users aware of the change and to update any bookmarks you may have with the new website URL. Most of the site will remain unchanged. Same layout and everything. I just felt it was time for me to move away from this project. Mainly because I never wanted to be a full server admin when I started this but also because of some stupid drama queens. It ended up turning into a site that was eating my time where my development on Android suffered. So did my family life. And the ad money returns werent enough to justify continuing this on my own. If you don't know Alex, he is a good guy and has helped tremendously with the site to help me get it functoning right. Especially on the backend. He will be providing much better speeds and consistancy than I ever could because this is what he does. But in closing, I learned a lot and met some good people along the way. I will still be helping Alex out with keeping up to date with RUUs and whatnot but the core of the site and any site support is being handled by him. Thanks for all the support you guys have shown me along this adventure. Without further ado,

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